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ARIES Cherbourg - Normandy


1980 creation of the company Aries, the port at Cherbourg Chantereyne.

Aries is the name of the yacht Admiral, a beautiful wooden cutter, built by the shipyard Vandernote Rézé of the Nantes in 1966.


To date the company operates:

- A fleet of 28 boats including 13 for rent

- An area repair technique, the port can accommodate 2 units of 18 meters starts covered and heated

- A branch office of the marina.


2009 creation of AMSMarine headquarters in St Germain des Vaux at Cap de la Hague.

Installation of the company in a room located 1km from the port of Goury. Workshop covered a unit capacity of 9 meters, for all work of wood, polyester, mechanical, rigging ....


2011 After two years of collaboration with ARIES, on all aspects of the game Shipyard. AMSMarine took over acquiring ARIES.

This merger is a human story first. A story that is written every day. All players in our team work in harmony to bring you the best service.


Today we have all the technical means to make you a custom boat:


A team of seven people to serve you

Two technicians work on all hull and rigging

A shipwright and interior

A mechanic / electrician

Head of a base location / electronics

An Accountant / Home / office

1 Leader / Commercial


We are pleased to welcome you to our site to make you live your passion. We hope you enjoy your visit and hope to meet up to your expectations


See you soon in our


The whole team ARIES / AMSMarine



Bienvenue sur le site d'Aries Ams Marine, votre chantier naval référent à Cherbourg, Normandie.

D'une simple opération de maintenance à un refit complet, d'un projet de croisière à l'acquisition d'un bateau, Aries AMS Marine est « l’équipier » de choix recommandé par tous les passionnés de navigation.

Tél: (+33) 02 33 01 63 63
Fax: (+33) 02 33 01 63 60

Port Chantereyne

Du lundi au samedi
9H-12H / 14H-19H
Voir son chantier
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