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 Servicing And Aftercare Couldn"t Be Simpler

Upon arrival in Cherbourg Marina you"ll find ample visitor"s berths and easy access to the marina office. The Aries AMS office is right next door.


Many issues can be rectified with the boat in the water but equally, sometimes it needs to be hauled out for a full diagnostics and repair assessment.

Whether the issue is mechanical or electrical, our technicians can take care of it. We can easily fix

Fuel lines / filters

Oil change / filters / leaks

Winches (electric and manual)

All rigging

Rudder bearings and prop seals

All electrical issues

Propulsion and through hull stop cocks, valves and sensors

And too many more to list!

All work and parts are certified and carry full warranty.


At Aries we understand the time effort and money that"s invested in a boat. That is why we make sure that at any time you need a component or service, it is dealt with as efficiently and as smoothly as possible.

Bienvenue a la site d'Aries Ams Marine, votre chantier naval référent à Cherbourg, Normandie.

D'une simple opération de maintenance à un refit complet, d'un projet de croisière à l'acquisition d'un bateau, Aries AMS Marine est « l’équipier » de choix recommandé par tous les passionnés de navigation.

Tél: (+33) 02 33 01 63 63
Fax: (+33) 02 33 01 63 60

Port Chantereyne

Du lundi au samedi
9H-12H / 14H-19H
Voir son chantier
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